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Solar power can be inexpensive. We believe that energy storage, solar power and pool solar panels should be affordable for everyone. We offer you any type of financing for any type of budget. We are HERO Financing and CA First Certified.

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Cash Purchase

  • One time solar hardware cost
  • Own the system for life
  • Progress payments during construction period

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Cash Purchase, deferred federal tax credit

  • One time solar hardware cost
  • Own the system for life
  • Federal tax credit deferred up to 1 year
  • Progress payments during construction period, excluding federal tax credit

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Zero down Solar Financing

  • Zero down solar financing
  • Pay your solar PV system as you go
  • Own the system for life
  • You keep 30% federal tax credit and any available rebates

Economics of a solar electric system purchase have never been better. As of January 2009, the federal tax credit covers 30% of the solar electric system cost, and combined with additional state and local utility rebates, your net cost of a solar electric system can be 50% or more off the retail price! On average, top tier electricity prices have increased about 5% per year for the last 30 years. When you choose solar, you lock in low electricity prices and are no longer dependent on volatile energy market. As utility rates continue to rise in the future, your investment becomes increasingly valuable. Today is the best time to switch to cleaner more affordable solar electric energy for your home.


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We are the top rated Bay Area solar installer on Yelp, Solar Reviews and Better Business Bureau. We have received the Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractors award in the US. Highlight Solar is your ideal partner for renewable and clean solar energy. We also install high quality pool solar collectors that can double your swimming season!