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Go green, generate your power, help the environment were the motivations behind wanting to get Solar panels installed at my home. Solar City is everywhere and was naturally my first choice. My inquiry with them met with a super fast response and within 20mins I had a sales guy wanting me to sign a contract for 20 years, waiting in my inbox. The focus was all on how much money I was going to save by leasing their systems and how little I have to pay to go solar. The savings of $30 did not impress me and the salesperson just pissed me off by calling me 5 times a day.  That's when I decided to go on Yelp and look for others and found out about Highlight Solar with all 5 star reviews.

Interview Process:

Sean Rachlin was the sales rep that I worked with. Absolute professional in his approach and zero pressure on you to sign anything. Like others, he sent his estimate over the e-mail, but, warned me that this may not be accurate based on google maps and images. He offered to visit my home and explain me the whole process and give a more accurate proposal as well. We met up, he got on to my roof, made a bunch of real estate and light measurements for the panels and readjusted his original estimate. All this he did without promise of signing any contract. He explained me all the options, costs and even ways to financing them.

I was doing my research meanwhile and talked to couple of other companies. Those companies had a single motto. Make their sales pitch over the phone and make me sign a contract. The contrast was stark and it was not about penning saving for me anymore. Just give the business to an honest local business guy who puts in the hard work and goes that extra mile to earn their business.

When Sean made a polite enquiry a week later, I just told him to come home and I was ready to sing the contract for a 19 panel 5.42 kW DC system.

Pre-Installation Process:

The contract that I signed said that they would finish the installation within a month. I ran into a little bit of a cash flow issue one week after signing and approached Sean to slow down and I may not be ready. Again, he was very understanding and said that, he will wait for me to make up my mind and offered help with understanding multiple financing options. Another week later, he contacted me on a Monday and said that if I was ready, they could get the system installed by the end of the week! That offer was too tempting to pass up for me. I just made the bold move and charged the whole thing to my credit card and asked them to proceed.

Installation Process:

To be honest, I know nothing about it :) That is as good as it got! My family was vacationing in India and I was at work everyday at 8.30 in the morning returning only after 7. These guys just came and did their job quitely and by the end of Friday and I had perfectly aligned, discretely installed panels on my roof top. I barely met their installation crew one day when I was on my way out. On Friday, they just left the monitoring panel at the front door and they were done. I texted Dean, the owner at 10.30 in the night that I needed help with the installation of the monitoring device. He responded right away and showed up the next day morning. He installed it for me and that was the first time I met the owner, who is an engineer and his mission seem to be giving an totally painless service to his customers.

Post Installation Process;

All the panels are up and running as expected. Inspection passed the following Tuesday and here I'm writing this review.

Why on earth would I not rate this guy 5 stars? I work for Amazon and I know that the best customer service achieved when the customer does not have to contact the service center at all. And that's what happened here. Pressure less sales pitch, honest proposals, seamless installation procedure and careful follow up.

There are lots of big companies out there, but if you want a total friction free transaction, I'd highly recommend this company. 

PS: I don't know how good their service is if I run into any sort of issues. I hope I never find out!


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